Road Trip with Jonathan

In March, 2010, Jonathan and I headed to Mississippi, where he would trade his pickup for a larger one that his future father-in-law owned.

We usually drove until we were tired, found a place to rest for a few hours, then continued on. Along the way, we accidently killed my cell phone and had to get a replacement. We dropped in on my brother Ray and his wife, Mary, in Carlsbad, New Mexico, toured the Alamo and had dinner with friends in San Antonio, Texas, and explored Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Lousiana.

We stayed with Jonathan's then-future in-laws in Starkville, Mississippi, found some wonderful cheeses, jams and peanut butter produced by the students at Mississippi State University, and stuffed ourselves with scrumptious southern food at Grumpy's Restaurant.

It was a good trip!

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