So simple, yet so hard

Mailbox 001

It seems to me that it is a pretty simple thing to lower the lid on a wall-hanging mailbox after delivering the mail. The mailman wouldn’t leave the door open on a mailbox sitting on top of a post, so why leave the lid on a wall-hanging mailbox open? The lid is there to protect the mail from the elements, not to let everyone know that there is mail in the box by leaving the lid up!

And why bend the mail to stuff it in a slot that is wide enough to accept large, oversized envelopes or magazines of similar size without folding it in two? Stuffing a folded wad of mail in the slot often results in torn magazine pages or mutilated mail!

The lid has been shut and the mail (usually) has not been folded and mangled since I put signage on my mailbox asking the mailman (or woman) to close the lid and not fold the mail. 

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