Rock Springs Cafe


We thought we would take a drive this week, so we headed about an hour north of home to a small community called Black Canyon City, which is north of Phoenix. Along the southern side of the community is a small stop called Rock Springs, which consists of a cafe, pie bakery, gas station, a rock shop, and an art store.

We had heard the Rock Springs Cafe, which was established in 1918 and is one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in Arizona, served excellent pies and we wanted to find out if they were as good as everyone said they were. Rock Springs was built along what was once a stage coach line. Natural springs (which still flow today) provided water for people and horses and shade trees to rest under.

The cafe has a tasty menu that will easily find something to fill you up, but be sure to leave some room for a slice (or two) of their pies. They bake over 20 varieties of pie (some seasonal), so you will probably find your favorite here. I tried their apple crumb pie while Karen had the 3-berry pie (raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry). 

Both were delicious! I understand why people make the drive out of town to pick up pies for the holidays.

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