Road trip with Jonathan

I just finished 8 days of travel with Jonathan. We drove to Carlsbad, NM, stayed overnight with a brother and sister-in-law that we had not seen for a while, then headed to San Antonio, Texas, where we met people I knew online for the past 15 years or so, but had never met in person. 


From there, we went to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans

Then on to northeastern Mississippi, where Jonathan traded pickups, his 2-door Nissan for his future-father-in-law's larger 4-door Nissan. 

The trade

Heading home, we went through Dallas, Texas and had a brief layover at home before continuing to Sacramento, California, where I left Jonathan and flew home just a little over 24 hours after I had left home from our layover!

It was a fast trip, but a good trip. I would not mind doing something like that again! 

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