Picking apples

Karen and I drove to Apple Annie's Orchards near Willcox, Arizona for fresh-off-the-tree fruit. We picked 168 pounds of Granny Smith apples - about twice what we picked last year. Most will be dehydrated into apple chips. We bought another dehydrator this year, so we will be rather busy!

We wanted to pick fresh Asian Pears, but there were none left on the trees, even though their season usually extends a couple of weeks into October. We were told the unusually warm weather this year caused them to ripen early. We were there a week later in the year last year, and there were still plenty of Asian Pears on the trees then.

We had dinner in Tucson at the El Charro Café - a Mexican food restaurant featured in both the Arizona Highways TV show, and the Arizona HIghways Magazine. Although they have similar names, they are separate entities: the former is run by a private enterprise and the latter run by the state of Arizona.

We had their signature meal, the Carne Seca Plate; a grand 1/2 pound portion of their "World Famous El Charo Carne Seca" - a marinated lean Angus beef shredded and flash-grilled with green chile, tomato, & onions, served with guacamole, Pico de Charro salsa, arroz (rice) & frijoles refritos (refried beans) or charros, and handmade flour or corn tortillas.

It was delicious!

We visited two of the three locations of Karen's favorite used book store - Bookman's - before checking into our hotel room for the night. We both went to bed early, which is unusual for us!

The next morning, we visited to the 17th Street Market; an international market featuring foods from around the world. It also has a music shop and café. We picked up a few snacks, then headed to the Bookman's that we had been to yet. 

After that, it was time to head home and start dehydrating apples.

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