Not a smooth installation

We had initially planned on replacing our appliances when we did a major remodel a couple of years ago, but because we spent much, much more than we had planned, we decided to keep our aging appliances which still looked and worked well.

A few months ago, the circuit board in the vent hood fried. We decided to replace the hood instead of repairing it, so we headed to our favorite appliance store and picked out a new vent hood, choosing a stainless steel model to replace the old black hood. While the salesman was completing the paperwork (I swear he slowed down when Karen went strolling back through the store), Karen called me over to look at a new stainless steel gas cooktop. She thought it would be nice to have a matching cooktop to go with the hood.

A month or so later, our oven quit working. The error code indicated the problem was with the control panel. The reset instructions did not fix the problem. The oven is over 20 years old and that particular part is no longer available!

Not wanting to spend the money for something we rarely use, I put off replacing the convection oven for a couple of months. Earlier this week, we finally bought a new one (stainless steel to match the cooktop and hood) and scheduled the installation for Friday. 

Now, a person would think that the new model of the oven we had would fit where the old oven was. Not so! While the width and height were the same, the back of the new over was configured a bit differently. There wasn’t enough clearance for where the gas line came out of the wall for the cooktop, so it had to be moved. The installer said we had to call a plumber to move it.

Surprisingly, we found a plumber who came out the same day, gave us an estimate, and returned the next morning, a Saturday, to do the job!

The original installer could not install the oven today, so he will be back Monday to move the electrical box for the electric convection oven and install the oven. The electrical box has to be moved because the oven box is deeper than the old oven and the position of the electrical box prevents the oven from sliding in all the way.

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