Noisy and Dusty


We are having our pool deck repaired and refinished. The work crew was scheduled for tomorrow, but we got an early morning wake-up call letting us know they would be here in 90 minutes. The leisurely time that I had planned for today to clear off the patio turned into a mad dash to figure out where I was going to put everything! It also meant waking up my son, Jonathan, to come over and help move the heavy stuff. 

Thanks, Jonathan!

The crew is busy 'scarifying' the deck, removing about 85 percent of the 'cool decking' which is a coating on the cement that keeps the surface from becoming too hot to walk on. They're kicking up a lot of dust, and it is extremely noisy. With nothing to do while they worked, I was certain that I could still take a nap if I tried. As it turned out, I did nap for over 2 hours!

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