Moving along

Most of the floor tile has been laid and some of the grouting is almost done. Drywall is being repaired where tile was taken off the backsplash behind the sink. I've been busy myself, pulling replacing the old, weathered door thresholds before the tile went down, removing all the doors and taking off the door knobs and hinges, along with the electric outlet and switch covers before the painters get here. While I was assured they wouldn't paint those items, along with the AC/heating registers and smoke detectors, I would have done the same if I was painting the house myself. They, on the other hand, would simply have taped them off and painted around them. I think the painting looks better without painting around stuff that is easily removed.

I replaced the two closet doors in the office since we decided to go with tile. I will replace the other closet doors in the house after everything is painted, but before the carpet is installed.

For me, this isn't a project where I get to sit back and watch all the work get done by others.

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