Motorhome, snow and dogs.

We bought a motorhome a few weeks ago and had brought it up to the cabin, where we winterized it for the winter and started filling the cabinets and storage areas with stuff we had kept after the sale of our fifth-wheel trailer a few years ago. We had more stuff to organize and put away in it this trip.

2006 Bounder 002

While we were there, I let the pups play in the snow from the previous day's snowfall with their snow-suits and booties on. What fur wasn't covered collected some snowballs. Their protective outerwear made cleaning snowballs from what little fur was exposed manageable, unlike the first year when Bailey, with no snow-suit or booties, discovered she loved jumping in snowbanks - her fine hair just seemed to act like a snow-magnet! Winston, however, with his courser hair, didn't have much of a problem with snow collecting on his fur.

We headed down the mountains just as the snow started falling heavily. The area around our place got about a foot and a half of snow after we left. I'm glad we didn't have to drive through it to get home!

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