Cooler weather

With the cooler weather, it is finally tolerable to work in my garage. We have several chairs that were in need of repair - a couple that we already owned, and a couple of 1960s Ethan Allen wood chairs that Karen found for $5 each. All needed to be knocked apart and re-glued as the the joins had become loose, and the Ethan Allen chairs each had broken arms. I think it was a design defect as they both had broken in the same spot.

I'm done with all but one chair. The last chair, I discovered that someone had tried to repair the broken arm by screwing the broken parts together. They had poorly glued it when they tried to fix it, and the single screw didn't hold. I had to drill out the plug to get to the screw, and now I'm carefully scraping off the old glue so the broken pieces will match up properly. When I get a proper-fitting joint, I'll re-glue it, clamp it, and secure it with a screw again. If the joint is glued properly, it shouldn't break again!

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