Bill's Ramblings

Noisy and Dusty


We are having our pool deck repaired and refinished. The work crew was scheduled for tomorrow, but we got an early morning wake-up call letting us know they would be here in 90 minutes. The leisurely time that I had planned for today to clear off the patio turned into a mad dash to figure out where I was going to put everything! …

A day at the lake

IMG 1950

We spent yesterday at one of the local lakes with my daughter, Stephanie, her fiancé, Michael, and his kids, Rita and David. We spent a couple of hours touring the lake on The Dolly Steamboat. Well, it looks like an old double-decker paddlewheeler, but it's powered by a modern engine.

Almost done

The final indoor remodeling is done. Time to pull the plastic tarps off of everything in the addition/office/casita and start dusting everything!

Soon, the patio and cool decking will be a mess when the repairs and resurfacing begins.

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