Bill's Ramblings

Valentine’s Day weekend

We drove up to the cabin the night before Valentine’s Day. We spent Valentine’s Day exploring several antique shops in the area. Well, to be precise, I drove Karen around while she checked out the shops! Karen found an Ethan Allen hutch at a great price, but we don’t know where we would put it without getting rid of something else. …

More remodeling

The major remodeling is done and we are pretty much settled back in. Almost, but not quite. So, time to relax after the busy year we’ve had, right? Nope!

We are about to move on to a couple of other projects; remodeling the shower in the addition/office/casita and fixing and refinishing the cool decking around the pool. …

20 things you didn’t know about Arizona

Did you know that the first McDonald’s drive-thru was installed in Arizona, or the reason behind adding a drive-thru to McDonald’s? Or that Arizona has it’s own wine country? If not, then click here to learn more, courtesy of Visit Arizona

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