Bill's Ramblings

Rock Springs Cafe


We thought we would take a drive this week, so we headed about an hour north of home to a small community called Black Canyon City, which is north of Phoenix. Along the southern side of the community is a small stop called Rock Springs, which consists of a cafe, pie bakery, gas station, a rock shop, and an art store.

Snowy trees

IMG 3283

I woke up to snow covering the trees while back in the midwest last month. Brushing the snow off the windshield and windows of the car was bit chilly, as was sitting in the car waiting for it to warm up enough start blowing hot air to warm the interior.

Cupcake ATM

IMG 1351

It’s late at night and you want a sweet treat, but there is nothing in the house to satisfy that sweet tooth. No problem, just go to the ATM! No, you don’t want to take out cash, you want to take out your favorite cupcake - or two! 

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