A bump in the remodel

Everything was going so smoothly with the remodel until a couple of days ago. When we checked if the painters had left, we found they were still there, spraying one of the walls in the family room, with our refrigerator and a large piece of furniture uncovered! The mist in the house was so thick you could taste it!

We also discovered they hadn't properly covered the other four pieces of furniture that we had left in the house, nor the new tile in the kitchen, or any of the tile that was ready to be installed on the walls. Paint mist had settled on everything.

We contracted our contractor and a new crew showed up the next morning to clean everything up. After all the painting is done, we will inspect it all thoroughly to see in anything needs refinishing. The paint contractor has already offered to replace the refrigerator.

As anyone might imagine, were weren’t very happy that evening.

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