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Staying home

We haven’t been able to take any trips for quite a while. For various reasons, we had to cancel our trips last year and this year.

Our trip in the spring of last year was cancelled due to Karen taking a nasty fall in a parking lot. Nothing was broken, fortunately, but she was pretty bruised and sore and unable to climb the steps into the motorhome.

Union Pacific’s 4014 ‘Big Boy’ Steam Locomotive

Big Boy

The Union Pacific’s Engine 4014 ‘Big Boy’ Steam Locomotive was passing through Arizona this week, so I thought I’d take my drone out to video it. The largest steam engine built, weighing in at over 1,200,000 pounds, it is the only one functional today. …

Meeting the neighbors


While taking the dogs on an early morning walk, we met these two elk were across the street from our cabin.

I had just left my driveway and started walking up the street when I heard a noise. I looked to my left and their they were, about 50 feet away from me. …

Titan Missile Museum

Once a year, my youngest son, Jonathan, and I take a road trip from Phoenix to Tucson so that Jonathan can trade in books at the three Bookman's stores in Tucson. There are two in the Phoenix area and one in northern Arizona in Flagstaff which we will also make trips to trade books.

A walk in the mountains

a walk in the mountains

We spent the weekend in the mountains away from the scorching heat of the desert. My youngest son and his family joined us. He captured a picture of Grandpa and grandson taking a walk in the mountains.

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